Miniature (Portraiture or Persian painting)

The Iranian painting was born by the entrance of Iranian tribes the Hindu Kosh mountain ranges to the plateau.

The emergence of various schools of Iranian portraiture resulted from the influence of Manichean’s procedure in portraiture. Manichean believed that what is beautiful, can be worshipful, meaning that beauty, of any type, belongs to God. Ancient Iranians used to believe beauty was the only way to achieve truth and always believed in four principles namely pure nature, original essence (the essence of existence), talent and wisdom.

In different eras, Iranian painting has always suffered profound changes, however, it has never deviated or violated from its original format.

 By the advent of Islam, the oriental art found a new trend following new concepts. In this period several artist attempt to adorn the Koran and this procedure is still ongoing.

Sacred approach, elevation of soul. Attaining meaning and immortality had been the basis of Oriental artist’s reflection.

 Science and wisdom are the basis of art. In this way ancient Iranian artists have never presented face beauty. Because this kind of work will tend to apparent beauties. There are some artists who have offered their works to the world like: Kamalledin Behzad, Soltan mohammad, Mirak Heravyand so many other Iranian artists. Their work are real visualization of time, place and era. There have been artists who are not only the inheritor of their precious art, but also honor to their next generation. Iranian painting depends on the way of life and society.

Habib Moradi has been painting for twenty-five years.. He has studied art in Mirak technical school in Tabriz. His professor was Ali Koohpaye Haghi who never accepted imitation in painting.  He made his students free in choosing their ideas. Therefore his students are now Iranian independent artist and Habib Moradi is one of them.

He thinks independently and does free thought in form and color. He has been successful in many different festivals both in Iran and abroad such as: international festival in Konya in respect of Molana, and international Fajr festival.  Some of his works are kept in Museum of Islamic Art in Konya, Turkeyand Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Islamic World. His art works have been published in Turkey. Many of his works have been purchased by Iranian, Asian, European and American collectors.

One of the characteristic of his work is that they are not like common miniature. He draws his works in a new style using the inspiration Molana’s poems and also the society in which he lives in . His works has  a new idea with  excellent technic of miniature. He has been using illuminations in his miniature. They are in different colors and contrast. In this way’ by using illumination he strengthen what he wants to present. Illumination has had an immortal connection with Iranian painting which Habib Moradi knows it very well.

Footnote: Part of this text is taken from an article by Dr. Karim Mirzaei, Professor of Tabriz University of the Arts entitled “A Different Look at Miniature”.Published in Tandis Magazine, Tehran, Iran, 2015