CV RESUME – Habib Moradi 

Born: 1977, Tabriz, Iran


Diploma in conservatory of visual arts.  1993_1997, Mirak. Tabriz. Iran

International Technical and Professional Skills Degree in Miniature


Solo Exhibitions

2021 : O gallery . “Identity” Tehran , Iran

2020: Zahoor Ul Akhlaque Gallery at National College Of Arts,  Lahore, Pakistan

2019: HAAN Gallery, Shiraz, Iran  

2019: KABOOD Gallery, Tabriz, Iran 

2019: EYE Gallery ,  Iran .Shiraz 

2018: LAJVARD Gallery. Iran.Tehran

2017:  HAAN Gallery. Iran .Shiraz

2017: SARV_E_NAZ_Gallery. Iran .Shiraz

2017: “Karim Khan Arg” , shiraz. Iran

2017: “Eram Garden” , shiraz. Iran

2016: constitution of individual exhibition during (MOLANA Commemoration) Konya.Turkey

2015: HONARMANDAN Gallery. Iran. Tabriz


Group Exhibitios 

2020: Participate in the virtual exhibition of Khor Project selected by Christian Viveros-Faune, Saradipour Gallery and group exhibition of works on platform

2020: Yasami Gallery, Tabriz, Iran

2020: Postcards TARAHAN AZAD Gallery collection in HAFT AYENE Gallery, Sari, Iran                              

2019: Postcards TARAHAN AZAD Gallery collection in ESO Gallery, Amol, Iran                                

2019: Postcards TARAHAN AZAD Gallery collection in KABOOD Gallery, Tabriz, Iran  

2018: “Naghsh Negarin ” ,Safavi Gallery , Isfahan , Iran                       

2017: Expo , Tabriz, Iran

2017: KABOOD Gallery, Tabriz, Iran

2017: Taking part in Iran selected miniaturist exhibition in Sa’ad Abad Palace, Tehran, Iran

2017: “Naghsh Negarin ” ,Safavi Gallery , Isfahan , Iran

2016: (Remembering Mina Rajabzadeh) IRAN. TABRIZ


2014: (Remembering Professor Rafi Motameny Tabatabaei) Iran. Tabriz.

2013: The first festival of contemporary painting of Tabriz schools exhibition. Iran. Tabriz.

1999: Memorial on exhibition opening in Yassemi gallery. Iran. tabriz

1998: Participation in Iranian painting biannual exhibition. Contemporary Arts museum ,Iran. Tehran.

1997: Behzad Gallery, Iran , Tabriz.

1996: Miniature and Illumination exhibition in Mani Gallery , Iran, Tabriz.

1995: Mirak academy exhibition. Iran. Tabriz

1991: provincial favorites and receive honors in painting. Iran. Tabirz


Awards and Honors

2017: Receiving citation from the most famous miniaturist of Iran master Mahmoud Farshchian. Tehran, Iran

2017: Recieving the statue, citation, cash reward for obtaining the second prize in the field of miniature and painting in Tabriz international award for creativity and innovation in arts and crafts.

2016: Receive Mansiyon reward in international festival of Islamic Arts. Turkey. Konya.

2015: Favorite of international festival Eighth of fajr visual Arts and receive statues. Iran. Tehran

2012: Receive citation from Professor YUNUS SOYLER Turkey. Istanbul

2012: Receive citation from Professor LALE OZYENEL. Turkey. Ankara

2000, 2001, 2002: Participation in Group exhibition and receive the citation Iran. Tabriz.

1996: Get second place in the ninth festival of visual arts of youth octets the country. Get honor diploma. Kermanshah

1997: Participation in visual Arts festival of youth across the country. Uremia Tehran


Other Activities:

2020: workshop on Illumination (Tezheeb) ,, National College Of Arts Lahore, Pakistan

2019: The Non_Union Long Poem of Lovehood, Seven poem by Elahe Rahronia & Seven paintings by Habib Moradi

Mehri Publication , london , England

2019: Referee of the national biannual festival of miniature, Tabriz. Iran

2018: Interview in HAMSHAHRI newspaper , Tehran , Iran

2017: Referee of the national festival of miniature , Tabriz. Iran

2017: Interview and publications of painting works in Koushe bucak Dunya, Turkey

2017: Interview in HAMSHAHRI newspaper , Tehran , Iran

2016: Publication one of  works in the international festival of Islamic Arts book, Turkey, Konya.

2015: Publication of 3 selected works in the 8th Fajr international festival in “Toba Zarin ”  magazine .

2015: Published in HOVIYAT and SORKHAB newspaper. Iran. Tabriz

2015: Published in the TANDIS journal number 312. ( contents from Dr . Karim Mirzaei ) IRAN. TEHRAN.

2013: Published in the national Art paintings Azerbaijan book Azerbaijan Baku.

2012: Published the personal book in the name of “MINIATURE Habib Moradi. Turkey Istanbul.

2011: Publication of five works in national fine art paintings books Azerbaijan. Baku

2010: Published in NABER journal Turkey. Istanbul